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MasterForm Business

Adjustable Lumbar-Support Ergonomic Office Chair with Mesh Back

$349.99 $269.99

The MasterForm Business Chair is a customizable ergonomic office chair that is designed for lumbar support, back pain relief and posture improvement. With a breathable mesh back, firm foam seat and headrest for neck support, the Business adds comfort for your everyday needs from work to gaming.


  • Offers a customizable ergonomic design that is adjustable to your body, movement, and posture to provide an organic balance to your daily lifestyle.
  • Constructed with breathable and temperature-neutral engineered mesh is designed for added support to adjust and mould to the the human body, adapting to the body's movements
  • Provides provides pressure distribution and natural ergonomic alignment between the head, spine, hips and feet.
  • Designed to support the full weight of your back with additional support in the L4/L5 Lumbar region. 

Our MASTERFORM ergonomic office chairs include a 2-year warranty to any mechanical issues that arise from using the chair.


Back height: 73cm
Back width: 48.5cm
Seat depth: 55cm
Seat width: 51cm
Seat cushion thickness: 12cm
Seat height range: 46cm to 54cm
Tilt Range: 20°
Armrest height: 62.5cm to 70cm
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Good chair

Good Chair but I prefer my autonomous ergochair2. It saved my back! For the latest promo code, visit


This chair is comfortable to use all day. The lumbar support is amazing! I thought it was just for design/decor but wow--definitely something else. The reclining back is also very nice and feels solid as you recline. The chair works perfectly for a person of my height, 5'6".

Great Lumbar Support/Not Comfortable

From all the information about the chair I worried about the seating comfort and after using it for one week I believe the seating could be a little more comfortable. Otherwise the chair is sturdy, assembly was a complete breeze at least for me.

Not Comfortable

The build quality is okay for the price but it is really not comfortable for me for these reasons:

- The curve of the back rest pushes you forward which will make you slip off your chair or have you sit in a weird position.
- Head rest is completely useless, you have to look up to have it touch your head.
- Lumbar support barely doing it's job because of the shape of the back.

While it is esthetically nice, it is not properly usable. There is much better options out there, especially at this price range.


At first, I was worried that the mesh cover will be worn out easily but it didn't. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it's held up pretty well. I like the adjustable features. Perfect for my height (I'm fairly tall at 6'1). I was just a little disappointed that the armrests aren't 4D. But not really a big problem.