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8 Office Accessories to Maximize Ergonomic Comfort at Your Desk

You’ve probably seen the word “ergonomic” floating around office design websites recently, but what exactly does it mean? 

Ergonomics, by definition, is the “applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.” 

This means the goal of office “ergonomics” is to reduce back pain, neck cramps, leg aches, and all other discomforts in order to boost productivity. It’s simple. 

Less pain = happy you = more motivation and productivity! 

“But where do I start?” you may be wondering. We’ve got your back! Read on to see our top 8 office accessories for reducing fatigue and boosting productivity. 

#1: A Footrest to keep your piggies happy 

Let’s kick off our list by kicking our feet up--literally! In a previous blog post, we talked about how keeping your feet flat on the ground plays a huge part in proper posture. When your feet dangle off the ground, it can result in backaches, leg pain, or pins and needles.

A cushy footrest is the perfect solution if you’re petite and your chair doesn’t quite adjust to accommodate your height. Even if your feet touch the ground, try using rocking footrests to promote bloodflow in your legs while you’re at work. (If we’re being honest, they’re also just fun to use!) 

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#2: A Gel Rest for droopy wrists

If you use a keyboard or computer mouse throughout the day, prop your wrists up with some luxurious gel wrist supports! Proper wrist position when typing or using a mouse all day can prevent carpal tunnel and achey wrists

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If a standard black or grey doesn’t quite match your desk, don’t worry! Gel wrist supports come in a wide variety of colours and designs for your perfect keyboard setup. 




#3: A Lumbar Cushion that’s got your back

Need extra back support at your desk? A memory foam or mesh lumbar support is the way to go. Did you know that incorrect back posture can lead to pain, leg cramps, and even tension headaches?  Sitting up properly also improves your circulation as a whole. That’s why proper posture is so important!

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#4: A Hands-free Headset for easy conversations

If you’re on the phone a lot during the day, a hands-free headset is the way to go. This is especially helpful if you’re often typing while you’re using the phone--no more awkwardly cradling the phone on your shoulder! Holding your phone between your shoulder and your face can cause muscle imbalances between the left and right sides of your neck (and is also a really quick way of getting a crick in the neck!). 

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Switch to a bluetooth headset so you won’t be corded to your desk! Look for comfy, padded ear cups to reduce the pressure on your head from prolonged use. 

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#5: An Office Chair Mat for a smooth ride

If your office chair has wheels and your office has a carpeted floor, you know that wheels + carpet equal a hard time moving your chair around! Lay down an office chair mat for easier movement. These simple sheets of polycarbonate material will provide a flat surface for your chair’s wheels. Chair mats are also ideal for protecting hardwood floors from scratches! 

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#6: An Adjustable Mount to bring monitors to your level

Is your computer screen at the right height? According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, your monitor should be placed at a height where it can be seen at a viewing angle of 10° to 30° below the line of sight. This means your screen should be at (or just slightly below) eye level when you’re sitting up. 

On top of that, do you find yourself adjusting your screen often in an attempt to keep glare off? You might benefit from an adjustable monitor mount! These gadgets make it simple and quick to move your screen to the right height. Monitor mounts are also great for workstations with multiple users--it’s so easy to optimize monitor height for each person! 

#7: A Mini Diffuser to create a calming atmosphere

Now, a diffuser isn’t directly ergonomic like a back support cushion might be, but it does reduce fatigue and boost productivity in other ways! Diffusing peppermint oil has been found to boost energy levels, and essential oils like lavender and bergamot are great for calming an anxious mind. A small diffuser on your desk can create a calm and productive home office atmosphere!

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#8: An Ergonomic Chair for a 100% customizable fit

Last--and definitely not least!--a fully-customizable chair is the best investment you can make into an ergonomic home office. With adjustable headrests, arm rests, and back support, an ergonomic chair is the perfect way to boost your productivity without making a huge lifestyle change. A properly-adjusted chair is essential for anyone who sits at a desk, whether it’s for working or gaming! 

Ready to revolutionize your seating setup? 

(Ready to give your body the chair it deserves?) 

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