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7 Ways to Boost Your Productivity While Working From Home

7 Ways to Boost Your Productivity While Working From Home

Based on recent statistics, approximately 4 out of 10 Canadians can potentially work from home, that is about 38.9% of Canada's working population. It is possible that some of these people have long started on this setup while the latter was due to safety protocols brought by the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

Working from home definitely has its perks but it's an unpopular opinion that this kind of setup has its challenging points, too; for one, boundaries. Let's face it, when we are at home, we could be a little bit lax and tend to hit that snooze button all we want. This particularly happens when we're not attending a time-strict video conference or meeting. Procrastination is also another challenging feat, with all the distractions, we can easily stray away from productivity and get swamped with zero productivity and tons of pending tasks. 

To help you manage your time, we have rounded up some tips and tricks to keep you busy without overworking, leaving you with increased productivity and more personal time. 

Productivity Tip #1: Set A Schedule 

This is pretty basic but it can sometimes be overlooked especially when you are on a flexible working schedule. Drawing up a realistic timetable and sticking to it can make a whole lot of difference! This allows you to prioritize the tasks that require your immediate attention and the ones that can be done at a slower pace. 

This also keeps you from procrastinating and later on, cramming. Stick to your schedule and you'll be surprised with how much you have accomplished at the end of the day, leaving you with more personal time for the things that you actually like doing. 

Productivity Tip #2: Wake Up Early

While we understand that this can be a little demanding since you will only be working from home, being an early-riser would do you a lot of good. Waking up early can give you a lot of time to do some chores, attend to your family (if you live with them), or even have a quick run to catch that healthy morning sun. This also gives you a clear head to plan out your day (insert productivity tip#1 *wink wink*). Got an important meeting? No problem, you would actually have time to prepare for it, sparing you with the nerve-wracking experience. 


Productivity Tip #3: Don't Skip Your Meals

This probably is the most underrated in our list. Working on an empty stomach can either put you in an overdrive which can lead to mental and physical fatigue or tons of unfruitful products that could only end up toward revisions. Since working from home would require you with a lot of thinking to come up with brilliant ideas, why don't you be a little kinder to yourself and fuel your thinking machine with its well-deserved treat? Also, don't you just love to indulge in your toast and coffee before impressing everyone with your amazing work? After all, you are at home, so skipping a meal would only be torture. 

Productivity Tip #4: Take A Break

Whatever you do, always prioritize yourself. Take a breather, go on for a walk, stretch your legs. Not only does this simple trick can decrease burning out and stress, but this can also help you refresh your mind. Who knows? You might actually find that eureka moment while you are away from the keyboard! 

Productivity Tip #5: Check Your Messages

Working from home can sometimes lead you to become disconnected. After all, having all that time to yourself is not something you can always enjoy when working in an actual office. But hey, your colleague might have just sent a vital email for your project or your client has sent a major request that could lead to revisions. Save yourself some time and get in touch with your teammates, you guys are just working at a distance but not apart. 


Productivity Tip #6: Have A Designated Workspace

(In photo: MasterForm First Class Chair and Effydesk Sit Stand Desk)

Not only does an actual workspace can keep you focused on your task at hand but also fun to build! Just imagine personalizing your nook at home with all the things that actually work for your needs. An ergonomic office chair with adjustable features and a standing desk are only a few common pieces of equipment that will surely change the game. A designated workspace also sets boundaries plus, it will bring out your A-game since you will not be distracted by your cozy and inviting bed. 


Productivity Tip #7: Invest In Adjustable Ergonomic Chair 

(In photo: MasterForm First Class Chair)

Some see it as an extra cost but ergonomic chairs can make a lot of difference! Imagine sitting on a flat and non-cushioned dining chair for most of your day--already sounds tiring, right? Not to mention that it can culminate strain on your neck, lower back, and butt area. This simple discomfort can definitely distract you from accomplishing your tasks and could lead to procrastinating. Reward yourself and get a fully adjustable ergonomic chair for your home office! 

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