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5 Reasons Why Proper Sitting Posture Is Crucial to Your Health

5 Reasons Why Proper Sitting Posture Is Crucial to Your Health

“Sit up straight!” 

You’ve probably heard this phrase at some point in your life, whether from your mother at the dining table or a well-meaning teacher at school. 

But no one ever told us why we had to sit up straight!

If you’re like most Canadian office workers, you spend more than 10 hours a day sitting down. Between a desk job, driving, gaming, or even just scrolling social media at home, all that sitting time adds up. 

It’s tough to keep a good sitting posture for 10 hours every day--but it’s totally worth it! Today, we’re listing the top 5 reasons why “sitting up straight” is absolutely crucial to your health.

#1: Reduced Back Pain

Coming in at number one--proper sitting posture helps reduce back pain! 

Poor sitting posture places a strain on your back, making it a leading cause for back pain today. A study by Mayo Clinic shows that back pain is the third most common reason for a visit to the doctor. Unsurprisingly, many of these cases are due to “postural stress,” a term used to describe the strain put on your body due to improper posture.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on in your spine. There are 5 main sections in your spine: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and coccyx. When sitting slouched for prolonged periods of time, lots of pressure is placed on your lumbar, sacral, and coccyx. This is why it’s important to sit in a position that keeps your spine in its natural, neutral position! 

Sitting with proper posture in an ergonomic chair will reduce postural stress on your lower back and relieve tension and risk of injury. This leads us to our next point...

#2: Better Spine Health

Not only does proper posture lower your risk of back pain, but it promotes the health of your spine! 

The entire spine functions as a highway of nerves in your body. If it gets injured, your brain won’t be able to send signals up and down it, resulting in a loss of mobility or sensations in other parts of your body. Now that’s one highway you want to keep in good shape!

Sitting in a comfortable chair allows your spine to rest in its natural, curved shape. Look for a chair with proper support and adequate cushioning for your coccyx (tailbone), and your spine will be much happier than if you were slouched over a screen!

#3: Better Blood Circulation


Do you ever feel your legs or arms tingling after sitting a certain way for a long time? That funny “pins and needles” feeling comes from poor blood circulation or unnecessary pressure on the nerves in certain sitting positions. 

Proper sitting posture involves keeping both feet on the ground, not crossing legs or ankles (which can lead to your feet or legs “falling asleep”). This ensures that your body isn’t bent awkwardly while you work, allowing your blood to circulate without restrictions.

Try something: slump your shoulders forward and try to breathe in as much as you can. Not easy, is it? Now try taking a deep breath with your shoulders back and notice the difference.

When you sit with your shoulders back, you give your lungs and diaphragm adequate room to expand and give you a full breath of air. Over time, good posture can expand your lung capacity to over 30% more, which improves your overall lung health and circulation. 

#4: Reduce Tension Headaches


Do you find yourself with headaches after sitting at a desk for a while? You’re not alone--these might be tension headaches, commonly caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck regions--or poor posture! These headaches feel like a tight band around your head, as well as a dull pain behind your eyes. Some people experience these headaches after staring at a screen for a long time. 

Proper posture can help you combat frequent tension headaches, since a neutral head and shoulder stance will prevent muscles from cramping up while you work.

On top of proper posture, make sure you take frequent eye breaks from your screen to relieve the strain on your eyes! Try the 20-20-20 method: every 20 minutes, rest your eyes on something about 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. 


#5: Confidence Boost!

Proper posture isn’t just beneficial to your physical well-being, but also your mental well-being. When you sit or stand with proper posture, this stance makes you look more relaxed and confident. People are more likely to interpret you as an energized and open individual. 

A study by Harvard also determined that “power posing” by standing up straighter and taller actually decreased the stress hormones in the brain, effectively giving the person a confidence boost. 

With reduced body pain and better health, good posture benefits your body in so many ways. Hold your head up--we’ve got just the chair to help with that. 

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